Anyone wanting to play in the Champions League of exceptionally energy-efficient high-performance embedded and edge computing chooses Arm Cortex-A application processors. The Arm powerhouse SECO provides OEMs with support in the field of high-performance engineering services to enable these types of exceptionally enduring designs to be implemented quickly, efficiently and in the highest quality at board, system and IoT solution levels.

Furthermore, it has been playing the lead role in the process, from the very outset of the developments. However, what makes SECO so unique and makes this company, in particular, predestined for new OEM designs?

Arm Cortex-A processors are the leading processor architecture in embedded and edge computing. For the Internet of Things (IoT), around 70% of all IoT devices are already based on Arm and have integrated wireless interfaces. As application-specific standard processors (ASSP), they also incorporate numerous additional functional blocks.

The additional components required for implementation are, therefore, comparatively few compared to other architectures, simplifying the development of devices and reduces energy consumption. In particular, the bill of materials (BoM) costs for Cortex-A systems are also lower, making them a cost-effective solution, in turn resulting in versatility in terms of use.

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