The Future of Grab-and-Go


The grab-and-go food category exists to provide fast, convenient, and ready-to-eat (RTE) options for people on the go. Once found mostly in convenience stores, airports, and college campuses, the grab and-go concept has grown rapidly as dining and snacking habits have morphed to fit new work hours and snacking occasions.
As consumers seek out food that’s tasty, affordable, and easily accessible, the grab-and-go market has spread out—in all directions—over the last several years. According to a Datassential 2023 report, 76% of consumers now consider a grocery store’s prepared food offerings before a visit, with 72% of consumers purchasing grocery prepared foods, at least occasionally.

Discover how the current and future state of grab-and-go can help you plan new
ready-to-eat promotions for your food and beverage business.

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